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Michigan Women's Psychology Services
-Mental Health Therapy for Women-
Located in Dearborn, MI

Hi! I'm Margaret Elsesser LMSW CAADC. 

I'm a mental health therapist in Dearborn, MI who specializes in working with women who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

Whether it is a major life transition, an old wound, or a nagging sense of something not being right -I have a special place in my heart for helping adult aged women navigate life's challenges.

I have worked with women in a variety of contexts helping them feel safe, understood, and supported.

Being present for fellow women in various stages of life and differing hardships is something I find very rewarding. The majority of my experience in the mental health field has been related to working in women-centered spaces, all of which inspired my desire to focus my work as a therapist around the female experience. I feel my own experiences in womanhood allow me to deeply empathize with my client. 

My goal for Michigan Women's Psychology Services is to provide a safe haven for women to find healing and peace through the use of mental health therapy.

Honoring the uniqueness of being a woman is crucial to providing the best care I can. It is a balancing act of appreciating all the wonderful parts of being female while remaining mindful of its challenges. Incorporating this mindset into the blend of science-backed therapies used during treatment creates the nurturing and compassionate environment I strive to achieve.

How I can help

I understand that life can become overwhelming and needing support is natural. Together, we will form a collaborative therapeutic relationship where you no longer feel alone in what you are going through. Depending on your situation, I will tailor my approach to your unique needs. Some days you just need to vent and other days we will work through things that are heavy. Every session is different and will always be approached with care and consideration for what will be most beneficial to you. I will provide you with coping tools for challenging thoughts and feelings, help you process emotional experiences, and encourage your strengths and growth along the way. The work is tough but the payoff is life changing.                                                                                  You can do this.


Let's Talk!

Contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation


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